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LEED & SUSTAINABILITY - Evergreen Power Systems
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Take advantage of the rewards

from a green building.

Sustainability focused companies that demonstrate an emphasis on strong corporate governance, sound risk management practices, green innovations, and long-term health rather than short-term gains perform better than their counterparts.

A superficial review of your company’s electrical usage will fail to capture the hidden rewards from a coordinated green building.

Building Renovations

Possess the ability to lower overall operating costs, but provide the opportunity for contractors and design teams to create work environments that are more productive, pleasant, and attractive for employees and customers. Insurers also take note and offer reduced premiums for green buildings.

Energy Savings

Provides not only a sound return on investment, but significant tax credits, utility incentives, and government grants. An onsite resource conservation manager might also be provided by utilities depending on the size of the building(s), organization, and account.

Correlation of Data

HVAC and lighting are peak energy users, but motors, computer infrastructure, life safety, and security all factor into bottom line costs. The interaction of data between such systems can also greatly impact savings.

Technology Assessment and Understanding

An entirely dark building via full coverage occupancy sensors is innovative, but a simple T5 lamp retrofit will garner most of the energy savings. Properly choosing when to utilize newer technology or stick with proven methods will determine your return on investment.

Utilize technology, knoweldge, and our expertise to maximize your energy savings.

We are a member of the U.S. Green Building Council with decades of experience in reviewing the cost impacts of obtaining LEED credits and energy savings. We assess the impact various electrical conservation methods and technologies have on the return of investment as well as conduct and perform the following:

Complete building analysis

Carbon-emissions estimates

Water use and cost estimates


LEED daylight credit potential

Natural ventilation

Wind energy

Photovoltaic collection

Thermal performance

Solar radiation

Visual impact

Shadows and reflections


Shading design

Acoustic analysis

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