LEED & Sustainability

Evergreen Power Systems is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. Our LEED AP staff reviews the cost impacts to obtain various LEED credits. We utilize Green Building Studio, Revit, Ecotect, and ComCheck modeling and certification software. Our staff also works closely with utilities to maximize your potential energy conservation grant. We present the initial cost impact for various electrical conservation methods and an approximate rate of return in energy savings. We recommend when to utilize a newer technology or stick with older proven methods.
Our energy saving goals include:

  • Educate team about LEED availability
  • Understand customer’s dedication to LEED and green building
  • Perform cost/benefit analysis of LEED points
  • Establish LEED rating goal
  • Set implementation schedule and plan of action
  • Coordinate with field for LEED implementation steps
  • Track and record compliance with desired design
  • Begin LEED certification process
  • Continued education of client on technologies and methods used in project
  • Apply for energy savings credits from the local and national jurisdictions
Occupancy & Beyond:
  • Commissioning/testing/education of building systems
  • Update client on building systems and additional opportunities as they become available
  • Track energy savings