Design Services

Our construction team members will work directly with the design team, anticipating the total scope of work necessary for complete systems. From the start we recommend alternate methods or products, offer value engineering suggestions, and quickly turn around pricing so that our customers can make the decisions to move the project forward.
We have a detailed plan for your project:
  • Review of electrical systems design performed by others if applicable.
  • Provide technical expertise when requested to assist design team efforts.
  • Prepare budget cost estimates at schematic and design development stages to aid in cost controls.
  • Prepare CD (GMP) cost estimate
  • Assist general contractor with preparation of construction schedules.
  • Determine long lead equipment items and expedite as necessary
  • Provide consultation relating to the evaluation and selection of the most efficient and economical systems for the project.
  • Lighting design performed in house with selection approval from the Architect or owner.
  • Review all design team member’s progress and final documents in a timely manner.
  • Coordination of our electrical design with the work of all other team members.
  • Consultation with the power, telephone and cable television utilities if required.
  • Design of nominal and emergency power systems.
  • Provide all power and circuitry for lighting systems and lighting controls.
  • Review and approval of electrical system submittals and shop drawings.